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A little bike history

The bike seems like a pretty simple design when you really think about it, so why did it take so long for it to become popular?

Here’s a really interesting article explaining how technology had to catch up to design before bikes could become as popular as they are today.

Utility Corridor Connections

Utility corridors are an underutilized resource for the Houston bike community but all that is changing. A new trail connects already open trails and allows for it’s users to avoid road traffic while jogging or biking. This is the first of, hopefully, many new trails along utility easements.

Check out the full article HERE

Bike Lanes in Houston

Do you want more bike lanes and a more rideable Houston? Stay up-to-date with the plans and implementations of the bike lanes by following Bike Houston and Bike Plan Houston. Go to meetings. Let your voice be heard. Let’s help cut the urban sprawl and bring things closer in Houston.

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